Imagine using one of our woodfired ovens to cook gourmet pizzas while you and your friends soak up the cosy atmosphere created by the wood fire...
Alfresco Midi™ Wood Fired Pizza Oven
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Customer Testimonials

Photo from Paul Mercurio, Victoria

"Hey guys just wanted to let you know I am still loving my oven. Had a big pizza party last night and although it was raining the whole time - gently - I pumped the pizzas out standing in the rain, drinking my home brew and being kept warm by not just the heat coming out of the oven but also warmed by the sight of those lovely pizzas sitting next to the glowing coals!!!



It was my daughter’s 22nd birthday and all her friends loved the pizzas and of course standing around the oven!

— Paul Mercurio, Victoria

Photo from Murray Hansen, Canberra, ACT

"I am writing to compliment you on the fantastic pizza oven kit your company makes.

I followed the instructions and had no problems whatsoever. I am more than happy with the result.  

I have cooked three batches of pizza so far.  It was a bit like Goldilocks - the first attempt was a little too hot, the second not quite hot enough, while the third attempt was perfect.

After just three batches, I am now confident of producing great pizzas every time.

Keep up the good work and congratulations on a product that meets all my expectations."

— Murray Hansen, Canberra, ACT

Photo from Peter Grose, WA

"I commissioned my wood fired pizza oven on the long weekend for a party of 12, and it was a great success.  The size (Courtyard) is perfect for cooking two pizzas at a time, which is just what I wanted.

Thanks for such a great product, your awesome demo, and construction advice."

— Peter Grose, WA

Photo from Wayne Ryan, Melbourne, VIC

"Thanks for all your help and the supply of a great pizza oven kit.  Everything went great and it\'s working a treat.

Here I am with my new baby, a happy camper."

— Wayne Ryan, Melbourne, VIC

Photo from Adam Noske, VIC

"We have completed the installation of the new Midi Pizza Oven that you have supplied for Laurel, and would like to let you know that the whole kit was very straight forward to install, the instructions are very easy to follow and all the included parts work no problems."

— Adam Noske, VIC

Photo from Peter Kubernat, Gold Coast, QLD

"I recently purchased one of your Midi ovens.  The instructions were good and it looks good."


— Peter Kubernat, Gold Coast, QLD

Photo from Kevin Oxford, Lesmurdie, WA

"I found that building the oven was much easier than I expected and only took about a day\'s work plus the waiting time between render coats."


— Kevin Oxford, Lesmurdie, WA

Photo from Neil Shaw, VIC

"Last Friday night\'s \'Pizza Party\' was excellent.  The pizzas all worked very well and the social gathering was very impressed, not only with the oven, but also surprised that I was able to cook good pizza!!"


— Neil Shaw, VIC

"The oven is working a treat.  Thanks very much, you have an excellent product."


— David and Jenna Argent, Adelaide, SA

Photo from Kon Tsaples, Queensland

"Since installing our Original oven nearly 15 months ago we have cooked countless number of times from breads to roasts and lets not forget the fantastic pizzas we have knocked up, getting more adventurous every time.  It never fails to impress our guests every time.  We are more than excited with our purchase.  Thanks for the ongoing support, it made the installation a breeze."

— Kon Tsaples, Queensland

"Good service and a good product deserves praise.

We have been most impressed with the oven.  I have been involved in building 5 ovens, 3 with kits similar to yours, but the Alfresco Courtyard is by far the best.

Your kit is complete down to the last detail.  Others are not - requiring purchasing other bits such as the renders etc.

Thank you.  We now look forward to our first pizza."

— Ron Washington, Victor Harbour, SA